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Dear Friend of ButACake,

It’s February 2015, the commute from Madison NJ was colder than usual and the MTA shut down the train system leaving me with two options; sleep in the grocery store at my desk or risk losing my job to catch the very last operating train to Jersey City where my brother, his wife and 4 month old daughter Sydney were living at that time. 

The decision to seek safety with my family in Jersey City would turn out to be the very first of a long line of decisions that turned into what we now know as ButACake. Ultimately, that decision left me unemployed. Because of perfectly aligned circumstances, I was able to be with my 4 month old niece Sydney full time while my brother and his wife worked. This is the beginning of a new life in Jersey City.

After years of making Butter Cakes at every family occasion and shipping to friends in different states, It hit me that maybe this was something I could do to survive while I figured out what I was going to do when Sydney became old enough to start school. On April 25th 2016 I registered But-A-Cake as an LLC, signed up for local markets and hoped for the best.

Our community/nation/world is facing what feels like more stress, physical and mental health ailments now than ever. While I am actively baking for those seeking alternatives to opioids, alcohol, and other painful medical practices like chemo, I need your help to make these efforts go even further by supporting the journey to the legal market.

You can help ButACake become New Jersey’s first black owned, female owned, LEGAL cannabis baked goods business. Your support is crucial to diversifying an industry that is notoriously known for closing doors to women, people of color, and those without incredibly large amounts of money.

If you’re able, I’d love it if you could make a donation of any amount to help ButACake achieve our mission and become a legal business in New Jersey’s budding cannabis industry. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your initial donation will go toward the $10,000 attorney retainer required to get the legalization process started.

Here are the ways you can make a donation:

  • Make a donation online via Venmo @ButACake
  • Venmo Me
    Square Cash app link

  •  Make a donation online via Cashapp $ButACake
  • Cashapp Me
    Square Cash app link

Sincerely thanking you again!


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