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For A Sweet Day

A pastry chef by trade with over 15 years of experience in food and health regulation and compliance

ButACake, an infused edibles cannabis brand with a strong and established legacy market, hemp and adult use cannabis following


Food + Community

We’ve got the food but that means nothing without you. In the ButACake universe, we are more than a community… We are a TEAM. Together we uplift, support and lead with love. Thank you for being a part of this amazing group of diverse and like minded individuals, together we will do amazing things! But first… let’s eat. Click the photo above to join us on discord.



Didn’t taste any different, wasn’t stale, and no mold. Round of applause for your craftsmanship and delicious delicacies.


Customer Reviews

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My husband and I have been avid smokers for many years. We have been trying to find edibles that help us feel elevated enough for a long time and finally found ButACake. Delicious, enjoyable and effective- we recommend these products to everyone we know. Thanks for keeping us lifted during some pretty low times in the world!
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The tincture is gold!!!! It's the first time I don't feel all crazy when it kicks in. Love it!
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